Pitari Conditioning Support

Conditioning Thumb Support Pitari

Simply place on thumb and wrap around wrist to support tendon.
Slim but firm stay and non-sewn ultra-light material makes the product flexible not interfering with movement. Perfect fit ideal to wear during typing and hand work requiring precision. Soft and comfortable surface is safe to wear while taking care of infants or small children.

Suitable for situations such as:
・Soft and safe to wear while caring for children
・Ultra-light and can be worn under rubber gloves
・Flexible non-sewn finish ideal fit during movements such as typing
・Effectively stabilizes thumb tendon and joint with stay
・Cut out and designed to perfectly fit hand and finger movement
・Power-net for secure fit
・Adjustable belt for desired fit

・Flexible ultra-light material
・Excellent breathability lets out excess moisture
・Soft, dry, and comfortable surface
・Easy to wear, simple wrap-around
・Equipped with slim firm stay

Thumb Diameter/Wrist Diameter :
S 4.5~6cm/12.5~16cm
M 6~7.5cm/15.5~19cm

Quantity: 1piece/Box
Package Size: 70mm×170mm×20mm
Materials Used:Nylon,Polyester
Made in Japan


How to wear
  • 1.Position the side with the stay upward. Make sure joint on reverse side is positioned at center of thumb and slide thumb all the way through thumb hole.
  • 2.Spread thumb apart from hand.Pull and wrap belt from the back of hand to your wrist.
  • 3.Center of belt should wrap around wrist to stabilize stay. Leave no space making sure the belt has no folds or looseness.