Pitari Conditioning Support

Conditioning Elbow Support Pitari

Ultra-light fabric and unique supporting structure for comfortable daily movement.
Made of ultra-light nylon with discreet fit creating efficient muscle movement. Effective supporting points producing an athletic taping effect reduce strain on joints and muscles without interfering with physical movements

・Ultra-light fabric and discreet fit.
・Supporting points designed for efficient muscle contractions assisting every joint movement.
・Excellent fit and compression not interfering with joint movement.
・Made from nylon with soft texture and excellent moisture retention properties.

Elbow Diameter:
M 19cm~25cm
L 25cm~32cm
Length: 29cm
Quantity: 2piece/Box
Package Size: 105mm×167mm×26mm
Materials Used:Nylon,Polyester
Made in Japan


How to wear
  • 1.Check the Yellow line on the reverse side of elastic band.
  • 2.Position yellow line on reverse side facing front. Put hand through opening marked with yellow line.
  • 3.Pull up edge to upper arm and adjust so support point on upper-back side is placed on point of elbow.