Lower Back

'Power Assist With Suspender' - Back Support Work Belt

Easy on and off with suspender allowing belt to hang from shoulders when not in use. Ready to wear when handling heavy loads and removed while resting.
Four plastic stays securely protects lower back.
Slim, light, and breathable, ideal for work.

・Support belt is made of lightweight and elastic 'Power Net' and 'Mesh Rubber' with excellent breathability and flexibility allowing comfortable fit and outstanding support of the lower back.
・The highly elastic V-belt creates an effective and flexible stability.
・Resin stay allows flexible fit corresponding with body movements and supports lower back without interfering with mobility.
・Equipped with suspenders for easy on and off allowing belt to hang from shoulders when loosened.

Size:one size fits most
Fits waist size :80cm~105cm
Length: Front 15cm,Back 23cm
Quantity: 1piece/Box
Package Size: 150mm×260mm×55mm
Materials Used: Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polyacetal
Made in Japan


How to wear
  • 1.Hang suspender from shoulder and position belt on center of lower back.
  • 2.Grab both ends and wrap around fastening the Magic Tape in front.
  • 3.Extend V-belt and adjust to achieve appropriate compression.