Lower Back

Double Support Belt

Lower back and pelvic support belt providing stability without restricting movement.
Elastic belt added to our former pelvic belt. Two belts can be overlapped or expanded and adjusted to exact position where support is needed. (Photo shows when completely expanded)
Made of mesh rubber with excellent breathability, comfortable to wear during work.

Recommended for
・Work with strain on lower back.
・Those who wish to concentrate on their work free of back problems.

・Can be adjusted to be worn anywhere between the lower back and buttocks.
・Light and slim design.
・Mesh rubber with excellent breathability. Comfortable even in hot weather.
・Dark color preventing dirt from standing out.

Waist Size:
M 70~90cm
L 90~110cm
Front 12cm
Back 18cm
Quantity: 1piece/Box
Package Size: 120mm×210mm×47mm
Materials Used: Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyester, Polyethylene
Made in Japan


How to wear
  • 1.Carefully examine correct direction of belt.
  • 2.Grab both ends and wrap belt around adjusting length and fasten the Magic Tape.
  • 3. Slide up or down to preferred position and width according to affected part.