Lower Back

'Stylies' - Wide Type Lower Back Support Brace

Strong stability ideal for injury prevention and reducing strain on lower back.
Flexible belt with high breathability securely wraps around lower back and double V-belt adds compression for strong stability. Two aluminum stays positioned along lumbar spine effectively support lower back.
V-belts are adjustable and aluminum stays are bendable to preferred angle.
Narrower on the front side, reducing strain on abdomen for comfort during activities and while seated long hours.

・Excellent elasticity
・breathability and strong stability.
・Two aluminum braces effectively support lower back.
・Highly elastic V-belt allows free adjustment of compression.
・Wide belt firmly secures lower back.

Waist Size:
S 65~75cm
M 75~85cm
L 85~95cm
LL 95~105cm

Front 16cm
Back 22cm
Quantity: 1piece/Box
Package Size: 145mm×270mm×47mm
Materials Used: Polyester,Nylon,Polyurethane
Made in Japan


How to wear
  • 1.Position the care label side up and place the center of the brace on lower back.
  • 2.Grab both ends and wrap the brace around fastening the Magic tape in front of you.
  • 3.Extend the V-belt and adjust to achieve appropriate compression.