Lower Back

'Styleez / Unitor' - Back Support Belt

A well fitted back support worn closer to the skin, effectively increases abdominal pressure increasing support level from compression on lower back.
Styleez/Unitor is an innovative support belt pursuing both comfort and performance made from soft and slim free-cut material with high resilience.

・Slim / Comfortable Fitting Design
・Vent Hole
・releasing moisture
・approx. 17cm
・adjustable compression
・Unique Wide Stay
・Securely supports wide area of the lower back around spinal cord.
・Entirely made of free-cut material.
・Eliminates stress on abdomen and sides from long wear compared to conventional products made of stiffer material with piped edges.
・Material provided by: Toray Industries, Inc.
※material that come in contact with skin
・Slim Fit
・for Secret Support
・Wide for Secure Support

Waist Size - Unisex
S 58~75cm
M 70~90cm
L 85~115cm

Front 17cm
Quantity: 1piece/Box
Materials Used: Polyester,Nylon,Polyurethane
Made in Japan

・Do not use for purposes other than supporting lower back.
・If any discomfort such as skin irritation occurs from use of product, immediately discontinue use and consult a physician.
・Product can be damaged from long use or under certain circumstances.
・Immediately discontinue use when damaged. Continued use may cause injuries and/or damage to clothing.
・Recommended to be worn over clothing if your skin is sensitive.
・Do not use while sleeping.
・Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. (May cause discoloration.)
※Discoloration does not affect strength of material.
・Hand wash gently using mild detergent. Do not dry clean. Do not use fabric softener.
・Touch fastener can be damaged unless washed with care.
・When ironing set iron to low temperature using press cloth avoiding stay, sub-belt, and touch fastener. Iron side part with touch fastener inside out.
・Dry in shade.


How to wear
  • 1.Line center of belt (indicated with red line) with navel.
  • 2.Keep sub-belt on both sides unfastened while fastening touch fastener of main belt.
  • 3.Pull sub-belt sideways to adjust compression.
  • 4.Maintain tension on sub-belt while fastening both ends of belt onto pile fabric in front.