Lower Back

'DUAL-X' - Back Support Belt

Achieve Ideal Support Balance
Lower Back Secure Fix and Support

An adjustable support belt capable of adding properly balanced compression around the waist focusing on lower back.
Effectively braces lower back. Supports everyday activities and a valuable sense of security.

3 Features for Secure Support

1.Hybrid Bone Structure
Center Plate / Side Stay
Center plate stabilizes and protects lumbar spine.
Side stay assists moves along the waistline.

2.Adjustable Cross-gear
Surface uniformly holds lumbar spine.
Firm and effective compression system.

3.Pulley System Support Belt
Pulley system for easy adjustment of compression.

Importance of Support Balance
Priority on Lower Back Support!
Compression on the back is essential and most important to protect the lumbar spine and muscles directly supporting the spine. Compression on stomach and sides are necessary to raise abdominal pressure.

What is the ideal support balance?
Proper support balance around waist with priority on compression on lower back achieves efficient lumbar spine support.


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Waist Size - Unisex
S-M 70~90cm
M-L 85~105cm
L-LL 100~120cm

Choosing larger size recommended when your measurement does not correspond to guideline.

Materials Used: Nylon,Polyurethane,Polyester,Polyethylene

Made in Japan


How to wear
  • 1.Line center of belt (indicated with red line) with navel.
  • 2.Keep sub-belt on both sides unfastened while fastening touch fastener of main belt.
  • 3.Pull sub-belt sideways to adjust compression.
  • 4.Maintain tension on sub-belt while fastening both ends of belt onto pile fabric in front.