Hot Silk Support

Heat Generating Silk Hand/Wrist Support

Silk is a natural fiber rich in amino acids with qualities close to human skin. It has excellent moisture controlling properties contributing to its soft and supple texture.
We have combined high-grade spun-silk with TORAY's WARM SERVER, a fiber which transforms moisture the body releases into comfortable warmth, to create this line of product.
Uniquely flexible structure gently but securely wraps around the body with a soft, light, and comfortable fit.

・The next generation collaboration of Acryl and Wool.
・Wool treated with the unique 'Cotton-Run Double Process' technology combined with special acrylic fiber enabling unprecedented moisture absorbing and heat generating qualities.

Three major qualities
・Heat generation.
・Excellent moisture retention qualities.
・Excellent non-pilling qualities.

Size:one size fits most
Palm Diameter: 15~24cm
Length: 15cm
Quantity: 1piece/Box
Package Size: 105mm×167mm×26mm
Materials Used : acrylic,polyester,Wool,Nylon,Polyurethane
Made in Japan