Fix Free

Wrist Protection Band Fix Free

・Wrist Protection Band 
・entire surface sticks Anywhere. Unique Self-Adhesive Material
・For wrist pain from sports, deskwork, or nursing
・Sprain prevention and for ankle pain from sports and over-work

・Innovative! Athletic Taping Type Support
・Unique self-adhesive fabric sticks to hold any position
・Non-slip ultra-light microfiber fabric firmly grips skin
・Easy to wear adjustable Athletic Taping Supporter
・No noise when removing and does not stick to clothing

Wrist size: one size fits all
Fits wrist size up to 28cm
Product Size (lay-flat measurements)
Wrist: W 7cm x L 41cm
Unisex, fits both left/right wrist/ankle
Color: Black x Grey (front side black)

Package Size: W70×H165×D35mm
Materials Used: Body Polyester / Piping: Polyester, Cotton
Made in Japan


How to wear
  • 1.Where to insert thumb.
  • 2.Insert thumb through thumb hole and wrap starting from back up hand around wrist.
  • 3.Adjust so the center of belt covers wrist joint.
  • 4.Pull belt and adjust to preferred compression and secure.