Cotton Support

Cotton Knit Knee Support

Moderate compression providing just the right protection and stability where needed.
Joint stabilizing support, machine knit with an exclusively designed device.
Each product is structured to fit exactly the part of body it is intended for and the unique non-vertical-stretch structure creates just the right compression.
Use to prevent injuries and to aid injury care.

・Cotton support made of soft and comfortable fiber demonstrates excellent moisture absorbent qualities and durability.
・Cotton Knit: Moderate compression stabilizing joints provide relief from joint pains and bruises.
・Cotton Cloth: Strong compression ideal for stabilizing sprains and dislocations.

Knee Diameter:
S 28~33cm
M 31~37cm
L 35~42cm
LL 40~45cm
Length: 28cm
Quantity: 1piece/Box
Package Size: 115mm×185mm×15mm
Materials Used: Cotton,Rayon,Rubber
Made in Japan