About Us

MessageWe envision ourselves becoming a 100 year old corporation that never ceases to evolve and contribute to the creation of new values for customers by offering new ideas.
80 years since our foundation in 1931; since we started out by developing and manufacturing medical and athletic supporters,
we have contributed in making people's lives comfortable with the objective of "contribution to society through business activities."
Our corporate symbol describes our three founders running together in cooperation; each carrying their belief in the "three P" within themselves.
"Power" "Passion" "Personality"
This is our corporate creed.
With our products, we support a healthier way of living in the fields of medicine, sports, healthcare and nursing.
The power and personalities of our employees are improved through our business and we contribute to society by engaging in matters with passion.
As a member of the MORITO Group and with the advantages of a long corporate history, we are determined to improve our customers' satisfaction from the total perspective of "function, comfort and safety" and to continue forward as an ecologically sustainable corporation.
We anticipate that our products continue to help you live a "healthier life."

Your continuous support and patronage is deeply appreciated.

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