Dust Protection 3D Clinical Use Mask

Breath Pure

N95 Standard Filter
Highly efficient
easy to breathe and comfortable.
Comfortable space
around the mouth
Unique design preserves space
around the mouth eliminating tightness
improving breathability.
High performance filter
Electrostatic charged fine fiber filter
effectively filters dust.
Adjustable nose bridge
Wire maintains shape that fits perfectly on face and holds mask in place.
Soft Elastic Band
Eases discomfort from long usage.
Side Cover Flap
A soft film covering space that form on
sides prevents dust from entering mask.
Recommended for wear during dusty work, for those seeking face masks with higher efficiency, for those considering to improve working environment.
Unique design
enabling perfect fit.
How to wear your mask
Filters from Kuraray Kuraflex Co., Ltd.
High Performance Filter : Removes 97% minute particulates

Electrostatic charged fine fiber filter effectively filters dust.(avg. 0.075μm)

Unique Design enabling Perfect Fit

Unique 3D design maintains space around the mouth.Eliminating tightness usually associated with face masks with high filtering efficiency.

Fits Face Perfectly : Side Cover Flap

A soft film covering space that form on sides prevents dust from entering mask.Metal wire in nose bridge maintains shape that fits perfectly on face.

Soft Elastic Band

Soft elastic band eases discomfort from long usage.


Disposable and hygienic.

Space Around Mouth maintained

Minute Particles 97% filtered


Measurement Conditions :NaCl Dust(0.075±0.025μm)

Test Flow Rate : Filtering Efficiency 85L/minute.

Inhalation Resistance 40L/minute

Improvement in Leakage Rate by Introduction of Side Cover Flap

・ Difference in leakage rate with and without side cover Flap.

・ Calculation of dust inside and outside mask when in wear.

・ Particulates that pass through filter included.

Measurement Conditions Test Particulate : Air Dust(0.3μm)


※Tested by NELSON Lab, USA ※The figures are actual measurements and not performance guarantee.
May not have sufficient effect unless worn properly.

  • This mask is not a National Standard Approved product and cannot be used in presence of toxic dust or fumes as designated by law. Always use appropriate protection required by law.
  • This mask cannot provide protection from infections.
  • Use with caution during driving or work for it may cause glasses to fog.
  • In case any allergic reaction such as skin irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use and consult a physician.
  • This product is not reusable. Discard after each use.
  • Flammable. Do not use near fire.
  • Discontinue use if any physical discomfort arises from use of product.
  • Store away from anything with strong odor. May absorb odor.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Discard used masks according to local regulations.
  • Subject to proper handling & use.
  • Face Masks cannot provide perfect protection from infections.

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